Aarambh Montessori

About Us

At Aarambh, we follow a curriculum based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles and believe in ‘Following The Child’. We cater to age groups 2 to 6 years and offer activities which foster independence and a sense of social and global awareness.

Our environments are multi-age to allow both individual and social development. The children are not bound by traditional grade levels, so they can move ahead when they’re academically and developmentally ready for new work. Students are not held back while waiting for others to catch up. And when they need extra time to reinforce a lesson or concept, they can work individually at their own pace without impacting the rest of the class.

Because the work is individual, children progress at their own pace; there is cooperation rather than competition between the ages.

Our teachers are trained in the Montessori ideology and curriculum. A teacher’s role is of a guide and observer, whose ultimate goal is to guide the children to normalization, concentration and to help them in their development. The teacher builds an atmosphere of calm, order and joy in the classroom and encourages the children in all their efforts, thus promoting self-confidence and discipline.