Aarambh Montessori

Our Mentors


Ms. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Director, Indian Montessori Centre

Mrs. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan is an Indian educator and a pioneer of Montessori education in India. She has promoted the method in India for the past four decades and her commitment to the ideology is total. She has conducted several Montessori courses and hundreds of adults have had the privilege of her tutelage. Many of these adults have established houses of children across India and abroad.She has conducted and presided over several conferences and Congress across the globe under the auspices of the Indian Montessori Centre. She was invited as examiner and speaker by Montessori programs held across the globe.

Over the years, she has held different positions in Indian Montessori Centre and has served on the board of Association of Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam for three terms.Her desire to spread Montessori in India has inspired her to translate several books of Dr. Montessori in various local languages. She has also authored several books related to Montessori in English and various Indian languages.

She is an acclaimed authority on the Montessori method and is respected and adored by all her students.

Ms. Sumita Mookerjee, Founder and Director, Arunodoy Montessori, Bangalore

Mrs. Sumita Mookerjee, Principal of Arunodoy Montessori House of Children, is a seasoned Montessorian who carries with her three decades of rich experience in the field of Montessori.She was first introduced to Montessori when she heard Mr. Swamy, Indian Montessori training centre, at Kolkata. Thereafter, she completed her Montessori training from AMI, Kolkata.She moved to Bangalore and worked with Shishu Griha Montessori House of Children for 11 years, helping them establish the institution. She moved on start Arunodoy Montessori House of Children in June 1990.Mrs. Mookerjee’s credentials also include several ‘Advanced Montessori Training’ certifications from USA and Italy.

She believes that a child’s crucial developmental period is between the ages, three to six years and it is during this period that the individual needs to be nurtured with care and caution.It is during this stage that the child builds his/her personality. Mrs. Mookerjee has also mentored innumerable novice Montessorians all over the country in her endeavour to spread the Montessori method and help it reach many children.