Aarambh Montessori

Arleif and Jolene

Right from the time we first stepped in to Aarambh to check out prospective school and day care for Liam till the day we had to say goodbye, we have been so assured and content that Liam is in very good hands – an environment that helped him grow naturally, didn’t limit his appetite for learning, didn’t rush him through learning by rote what his age group is ‘supposed’ to know. He has come out of two and a half years in Aarambh being very confident, self-assured and more than at par with other kids his age – he is quite the gentleman having learnt to respect others’ space, having deep concern for nature and well-being of others especially those less fortunate than him. We have moved to Melbourne now and although he hasn’t started school, we feel very confident that he’ll blend right in, he has been confidently answering questions and chatting up with Australians and Indians alike, since we’ve moved here. Being very ‘hands-off’ parents, it has been amazing to see Liam’s growth in the nurturing hands at Aarambh, Uma ever ready to explain what he’s been up to, where his inclinations were, what we as parents should and definitely shouldn’t do. We fully trusted Uma and her team and are enjoying the results – a well cultured, enthusiastic little boy who has got a solid foundation on life skills as well as academically confident. All too often, in our hurry and rush to balance work with parenting and good family life, we have been rushing Liam through his daily chores much to our regret but we’re glad that he then spent most of his day in a caring environment, where he was given the time and space, and gentle encouragement to explore, learn and grow at his pace. Although we’ve not really had apprehensions on how Liam would fit in, in a regular classroom post preschool, we fully appreciate that parents may have that worry. Our two cents would be, firstly kids have an amazing adapting power, they do not have the preconceived notions and fears that we adults are so often limited by and secondly Aarambh shapes every kid into such confident little beings that they are FAR better equipped to adapt. So even if we have nagging doubts, do not pass these on to your child at least, sit back and watch how well they further bloom in the next step of the journey.We will be forever grateful to Uma and team Aarambh for the near perfect formative years that Liam has spent there. He considers the entire Team Aarambh as his family. He misses all@Aarambh a lot, but is excited about the new experiences coming up here for him.Thank you Team Aarambh! We know that putting him in your hands in preschool as well as daycare, has been our best decision yet for him.

Arleif and Jolene, Parents of Liam Charles Braganza