Aarambh Montessori

Ishita And Pranav Nabar

This is the “real” Maria Montessori school. My daughter has spent 4 years at Aarambh, from age 2 to 6, and we are absolutely sure that this was the best decision we made for her. Uma sets a role-model of how an ideal environment for the child should be, that places the needs of the child above everything else yet focuses immensely on self-discipline. As parents, we have learnt so much from Uma and Montessori. Thank you, Uma for spreading Montessori, we will forever be indebted to you and will miss the Aarambh team now that “we” have graduated. Parents, if you understand that children are wizards who can learn anything from age 2-6, if you are looking for a school that taps this potential while they are young, if you are yourself want to become a better parent, if you want to experience an environment of no toys yet loved by the children, if you want a school that is extremely disciplined yet not a single loud or rude word gets uttered, if you want a school that teaches core values for life (importance of finishing, of being independent, the joy of working), or a school that places the child’s needs above that of the parent or the teacher (no diapers, no videos, no make-up) or even if you simply want your child to have a happy stress-free learning experience, think no further. Montessori is not patented and therefore a freely used term, but Aarambh is absolutely the real thing. And yes, please keep your child in Montessori for 3-4 years to realize the value of Montessori. Admissions to 1st grade will happen!

Ishita and Pranav Nabar, Parents of Urvee